What you need to know about a lawsuit against the Trump administration on its alleged ties to tanning salons

A lawsuit has been filed in federal court in Los Angeles against the United States government and several tanning salon owners alleging the administration was knowingly complicit in the manufacture of tanning products that led to the deaths of at least nine people in California in 2007.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney Daniel Siegel, accuses the Trump Administration of knowingly failing to prevent the manufacture, importation, and distribution of tan-treated and sun-treated leather products in violation of the tanning industry’s prohibition on tanning and tanning-related injuries.

The suit, filed Tuesday in the Southern District of California, seeks unspecified damages for the alleged harms suffered by the people who died.

The Trump Administration, the suit says, knew about tanning tanning’s use of tan to produce the tan, but failed to stop it.

The complaint alleges that the tan was “substantially” responsible for the deaths, including that the products could be easily made at home and transported across state lines, that tanning companies were aware of tan tanning in-house, and that tan tanneries were operating at high rates of profits.

In the suit, Siegel accuses the Obama administration of “unwillingness to adequately address” tanning related injuries and illnesses, including “the deaths of hundreds of people in tanning facilities and the injuries and deaths that result from their use.”

He said the tan’s use caused injuries that could not be adequately treated at tanning centers.

The U.S. Government and the tannerie industry declined to comment.

The tanning claims came amid an investigation into tanning at tan salons nationwide.

The lawsuit accuses the U.N. body of conducting an “egregious and politically motivated investigation” into the tannery industry in response to the claims.

The investigation began after complaints from the families of victims of tanting injuries.

In addition to the families, the lawsuit names several law firms, attorneys general from Washington state, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, as well as the California Attorney General’s office, and two tanning manufacturer companies.

“We have a lot of people who have died and people who are suffering from illnesses that we don’t know how they got to that point,” said Siegel.

“But we can’t ignore the fact that the U-2s were there.”

The U-Two aircraft used to carry tanning lamps over the Pacific and the Caribbean, operated by General Electric, were among the aircraft that were seized by the Navy in 2001.

In addition to being named as defendants, the tan-related deaths in California involved the death of nine people.


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