Meghan Markle’s new tankini bathing suit is worth more than $200,000

Meghan Markle’s new tankini bathing suit is worth more than $200,000

The Meghan Marks look-alike bathing suit that has been a staple in the collection of the Princess Royal is the latest fashion trend to reach the world’s richest woman.

The $160,000 model, who recently announced that she was dating fashion designer and fashion editor David Yoo, is set to debut the new suit at the 2016 Miss World contest.

The luxury swimsuit is priced at $200K, according to the latest Forbes listing of the world billionaires.

On the face of it, the suit seems a bit odd, especially for a model with a well-known fashion sense.

Its made of soft, cotton, soft leather and it doesn’t have a lot of pockets.

However, this suit is actually a lot more luxurious than most of the other $200k models in the world.

Its the sort of thing that would make a supermodel jealous, and it looks great, too.

Meghan Markles dress is a work of art, says designer David Yoos, in the new Meghan’s new swimsuit, which is worth $200M source Forbes article While the Princess Princesses new suit is certainly a fashion statement, it is not the first time Meghan has made waves for a different reason.

Last year, the fashion designer was sued for allegedly discriminating against a woman by using a white man’s image in his line of suits.

In 2013, Meghan was sued by a man who claimed he was paid $15K per week to wear the same suit as her.

Meghan’s suit was not the only item to go viral on social media in 2016.

At the Miss World beauty pageant in Mexico in 2015, the winner wore a dress that included a gold chain that was gold-plated.

The chain was made of gold, and was supposed to be made of diamonds.

It has since been removed.

Earlier this year, Megan posted a video to Instagram that showed her in a new dress, and also showed off the new bikini top.

It’s definitely a work in progress, and a good look at Meghan. 

Meghan also has her own collection of clothing lines, but her latest collection has the most unique looks.

It includes a dress with a neckline that is made from leather and gold, which was inspired by a gold necklace.

It was a very cool design, but the gold-colored neckline was a little too much. 

The Princess Royal Collection has an interesting twist, however.

It is a clothing line for the Royal Family of China.

It does not have a theme, but rather has a style and function.

It has two women in a dress, one is wearing a white gown with a gold trim and one is in a red gown with an elephant-shaped necklace.

The necklace is made of gems, and the gold is inlayed.

The gold has a very nice touch, which I’m sure is meant to be a homage to the jewelry in the Princesses collection.

This looks like the latest collection by Meghan, and this is her signature style. 

I really love the way the princess has been using a different color for her jewelry, so I am sure she has a lot to say about it. 

If Meghan does not make it to the finals, she could become a star. 

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post


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