Which hotel suite fits your lifestyle best?

Which hotel suite fits your lifestyle best?

Suite 4 is the one that most people would want to rent out.

It comes with a sofa, a TV, a coffee table and a small storage bin.

It has a large closet for clothes and a little room for a desk.

Its available in three different designs, but all of them are different and it is not cheap.

The suite is a great option for a small apartment in India, and it also comes with the option to rent the whole thing out for Rs 1,500 a month.

It also comes at a price tag of around Rs 1 lakh.

However, there is a good reason for the price tag.

It is a high-end suite and you can find a lot of extras, including a spa, a gym and a private gym.

The biggest advantage is that the room is spacious and spacious you can enjoy the same luxury in your own home.

However it is also a bit expensive, around Rs 7 lakh.

The Suite 5 is the next one in the suite range.

It can be rented for Rs 4 lakh, which is slightly more than the suite 4.

The same can be said for the suite 6, which comes with everything you could want.

The bedroom, bathroom and dining area are all big enough to hold all your needs.

The room is also spacious, but not as spacious as the suite.

The dining room has a full-sized sofa and a couch.

This suite has a sofa and table in it, and can fit up to four people.

The bed has a private toilet and a cupboard.

The bathroom has a shower.

The storage bin can hold clothes, a laptop, a phone, and your wallet.

All of this is available for Rs 3 lakh.


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