India’s largest hotel brand announces its newest product line

India’s largest hotel brand announces its newest product line

NEW DELHI: The world’s largest private hotel chain has unveiled its newest hotel product line in a bid to revive the fortunes of the country’s biggest brands, in a move that could pave the way for further growth.

Gucci, which has grown from its origins in Milan in the mid-1960s, has expanded its portfolio of luxury hotels across India with a range of hotels in different cities.

The new range, which includes five hotels in Delhi, has been designed with India in mind.

The brand’s first Delhi hotel, the Eden Hotel, is set to open in December.

The hotel will be owned by Indian conglomerate Sun-Gel, which owns hotels in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

The Eden Hotel will be the brand’s fourth hotel in India.

The company is also set to invest in hotels in other Indian cities, including Mumbai and Delhi.

“This hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the country, and we feel it is a perfect fit for our brand,” said Rishi Gopal, president of the company.

Guccis hotel brand is known for its high-end luxury properties and is currently owned by Sun-Group, which was founded in 1996.

The brand’s latest move will give Gucci the opportunity to expand into the domestic hotel market.

The luxury hotel industry has been struggling as hotels struggle to retain the customers who want to stay in the rooms.

In 2016, the industry recorded a loss of $16 billion.

Gucca is a global luxury hotel chain that is a member of the Royal Hotels and Resorts Group, and has offices in several major cities.

Gupta Group owns approximately 100 brands, including Hilton Worldwide, Sheraton Hotels, Hotels Direct, Resorts World, Marriott Hotels Worldwide, and The Plaza.


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